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Pune Hand Surgery Institute Sardesai clinic. 968/3,
Opp Ratna Memorial Hospital,
Senapati Bapat Road,
Pune 411016, India

Ratna Memorial Hospital
Senapati Bapat Road,
Pune 411016, India

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Spectrum of surgery
Surgery of Hand

*Acute injury of hand
Finger tip injury
Fractures of hand,
Wrist fracture
Wrist injury
Fracture Carpal bones
Fracture Scaphoid, nonunion of fracture scaphoid
Carpal bone fracture- dislocation
Flexor and extensor tendon injury
Degloving injury,
Skin loss
Nerve injury
Amputation- replantation and micro neuro vascular surgery.

*Surgery of old neglected trauma of hand and foot
Surgery of old deformity and contractures of hand and foot
Volkmann ischemic contracture
Elbow stiffness


*Birth defect of hand/Congenital deformities
Thumb absence /short thumb / deformed thumb/ double thumb/ aplasia of    
Thumb/triphalangeal thumb/trigger thumb/
Fingers   absence / aplasia / Hypoplastic fingers
Bent finger /  Camptodactyly ./ Clinodactyly/Kirner deformity
Short Fingers / Brachydactyly
Big finger/macrodactyly/gigantism
Bent forearm / Radial club Hand
Ulnar club Hand
Apert syndrome
Polands Syndrome
Epidermolysis Bullosa
Mirror hand
Cleft Hand/central deficiency of hand
Madelung deformity
Absent forearm
Dislocated radial head forearm
Loss of rotation of forearm / superior radio-ulnar synostosis
Hereditary multiple exostosis causing forearm deformity


*Nerve and Brachial Plexus Injury
 Nerve injury, Nerve loss
Nerve compression
Tingling and numbness in hand
Tingling and numbness in foot
Paralysis of hand /foot drop
Paralytic conditions of hand and foot
Polio residual paralysis of hand/ foot
Leprosy residual paralysis
Claw hand
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Pronator syndrome.
Cubital tunnel syndrome
Thoracic outlet syndrome
Radial tunnel syndrome
Triple nerve decompression in leg

*Spastic/ Cerebral palsy

* Post burn contracture

* Post traumatic contracture; finger, hand, wrist, elbow and foot

* Arthritis of hand.  Painful joints of hand, wrist and elbow

* Painful conditions of hand

Pain due to tumor, degeneration,”Sandhiwat”, age, arthritis
Pain in nail may be a tumor!!
Pain in wrist
Avascular necrosis of lunate, other carpal bones
Kienbock’s disease
Carpal bossing
Tennis elbow

*Swelling in hand

Swelling of any origin
Vascular malformation
Carpal bossing

*Bluish discoloration of hand
Raynaud’s disease
Painful finger
Blue finger

B. Management of open compound fractures of leg, Crush injury leg

Skin loss leg and foot with bone exposed
Flap cover leg
Skin resurfacing for skin loss

C. Diabetic foot

Surgery for restoration of sensation in a diabetic foot and avoid amputation
Diabetic neuropathy

D. Chronic Ischemia of legs

Buerger’s disease
Thromboangitis Obliterance

E. Burning soles & feet

F. Pain in legs on walking/ Claudications

Chronic compartment syndrome

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