About Dr Pankaj Jindal

  • * Since 1991.
  • * One of the most experienced and accomplished hand surgeons of the country.
  • * Formal, International ,extensive training, spanning a period between 1987 to 1990.
  • * Helped reconstruct over 30,000 hands and still counting.
  • * Concerned and dedicated to helping Damaged,Diseased, Deformed,Disabled hands.
  • * Always up to date.
  • * Many firsts for the city, including reattachment of amputated arm in 1993!
  • * Innovative. Devised several devices and designed new surgical procedures.

Hand Surgery & Orthopedics

* All efforts in introduction of innovation and application of current method of treatment in all patient care.
* For those occasional patients, where no commonly known treatment is available, a significant amount of time is spent in finding out a solution.
* All patients are directly seen without any trainee as an intermediary, before, during and after the surgery.

                                      * Appropriate Surgery gives ………….. 60% results
                                      * Splinting and appropriate post operative care gives another ….. 30 %
                                      * Extra efforts or when one puts in one’s heart …….. . . 10% More!!!!

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