Case Studies

Diabetic Foot

Diabetic Foot Case Study 1

The nerve decompressions helped in the healing of the wound over the sole. The wound had existed for several years. She is able to feel

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Finger Flap Surgery

Finger Flap Surgery Case Study 2

This person was injured, sustained a large wound with the extensor tendons exposed. The wound was covered with a flap. The flap is called posterior

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Game Keeper Thumb

Game Keeper Thumb Case Study

Stress view showing abnormal opening of the joint. The straight arrow points at the opening. The curved arrow demonstrate the direction of the stress. Anchors

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Injury & Finger Amputation

Injury & Finger Amputation Case study 3

Amputation of the fingers, reattached with the help of microvascular surgery. The Surgery is done under massive surgical microscope & successful reattachment requires using stitching

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Salvaging a finger

This gentleman sustained an injury to the finger but did not seek any treatment. In the ensuing four months, he had deterioration of the wound

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Scaphoid Fracture

Fracture of the wrist can occur following a fall on an outstretched hand. The pain and local swelling of the wrist are often mild and

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Slashed Wrist

Slashed Wrist Case Study 1

Glass injury to the forearm. All 12 tendons which flex the fingers and the wrist are cut; two major nerves which provide sensation to the

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Birth Deformity

Syndactyly Case Study 1

The surgery involves, creating a web so that the two fingers are separated by a U and not a V, creating a nice nail fold.

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