Case Studies

Diabetic Foot

Diabetic Foot Case Study 1

The nerve decompressions helped in the healing of the wound over the sole. The wound had existed for several years. She is able to feel

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Finger Flap Surgery

Flap Surgery. Case Study 2.

This person was injured, sustained a large wound on the dorsum of the hand with the extensor tendons exposed. The wound was covered with a

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Injury & Finger Amputation

Injury & Finger Amputation Case study 3

Amputation of the fingers, reattached with the help of microvascular surgery. The Surgery is done under massive surgical microscope & successful reattachment requires using stitching

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x ray will reveal a fracture of the scaphoid

Scaphoid Fracture

Fracture of the wrist can occur following a fall on an outstretched hand. The pain and local swelling of the wrist are often mild and

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Slashed Wrist

Slashed Wrist Case Study 1

Sharp injury to the wrist cutting tendons, nerves and artery. After rehabilitation, good recovery was seen, with good finger movements.The nerve recovery is slow and

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Birth Deformity

Syndactyly Case Study 1

The surgery involves, creating a web so that the two fingers are separated by a U and not a V, creating a nice nail fold.

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